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Chapter of the Month- The Caswell Game Lands

Audubon North Carolina has 10 amazing chapters across the state who help put a local focus on bird preservation and conservation issues. In this special blog series, we’ll focus on a chapter each month to learn more about their history, what they are working on, and to increase the statewide understanding of special ecosystems and habitats. Each month will include a series of posts about each chapter including a post from our biologists that will share a unique research project that is happening in the chapter’s geographic footprint.

This month, we get to know the T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society. Read on to learn more about our chapter serving Guilford County.

By Dennis Burnette

You received an introduction to the Pearson chapter’s natural areas and best birding spots. Now get a more in depth look into some of the areas managed by our piedmont chapter and learn how members are working to protect these areas for everyone to enjoy.

The Pearson chapter has “adopted” the Caswell Game Lands in Caswell County to our northeast. One of our recent projects grew from a suggestion by the game land management team. In the western part of the United States, land managers have found that fences and gates made of hollow pipes trap cavity nesting birds, reptiles and occasional mammals that are seeking nesting areas and shelter. The game land managers asked our chapter to survey the pipe gates on the property to determine if this could be a problem.

The Caswell IBA

Our chapter made several working field trips and examined a significant percentage of the pipe gates using mirrors and LED lights. Although we found several nests in some pipe ends, we didn’t find any evidence of animal deaths due to the gate construction.

Another project that we’re working on at the Caswell Game Lands is signage. National Audubon has designated the site as an Important Bird Area. It also is part of the North Carolina Birding Trail. Our chapter has had signs produced to signify both of these designations and will be installing them this spring!

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