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Celebrating Success at Chapter/Network Day 2017

Chapter/Network Day 2017 was a fantastic experience, thanks to the passionate chapter leaders and Ambassadors who shared their insights and ideas for building the Audubon network’s capacity in 2018 and beyond!

As David Ringer, Chief Network Officer for the National Audubon Society stated, national frequently looks to North Carolina for innovative ideas. Our Climate Ambassadors program was singled out for a feature in Audubon’s 2016 Annual Report, as was our collaboration with the Belize Audubon Society and efforts to protect the climate-threatened Wood Thrush! 

To kick off the day, Executive Director Heather Hahn began with a look back at Audubon North Carolina's successes from 2017, including: 

Our most highly-anticipated discussions were focused on how to continue to grow an Audubon network that is capable, connected, and enduring.

To that end, we invited three amazing young leaders to speak to the question of "How to Practice Diversity and Inclusion," including UNCW Seahawks Audubon Secretary Rachel Callaghan, who offered some great tips on engaging young people with bird conservation: make it fun, help turn it into a resume-builder, and offer unique experiences (like finding a Montezuma Oropendola!). 

Finally, our chapter leaders and Ambassadors shared their proudest accomplishments from the past year, a wonderful look back on the successes of our network, and our potential to create positive change!  

As we continue to grow and engage a greater network, we hope to add more passionate birders to our ranks-- as chapter leaders, members, Ambassadors, and volunteers. Maybe we'll see you at Chapter/Network Day next year? 

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