Photo: Photo: Guy Parker/National Audubon Society
Photo: Photo: Guy Parker/National Audubon Society

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Audubon North Carolina Hails Bipartisan Plan to Double Down on Solar

Audubon North Carolina, the state office of the National Audubon Society, is praising Governor Roy Cooper today for signing HB589 into law and ensuring the continued growth of North Carolina’s solar industry.  Audubon also gives special thanks to the bill sponsors, Representatives Szoka, Arp, and Watford for their efforts to secure passage of the original, multi-stakeholder bill.     

“The broad-based support that this bill received shows that low-cost solar continues to be a bipartisan winner.  With this new law, state leaders are doubling down on solar energy given the benefits that it provides to the state – clean air, job creation and lower electricity rates,” says Audubon North Carolina Executive Director Heather Hahn. “The sun is shining bright on North Carolina today.  Clean energy like solar is good for birds and people.”

Key solar provisions in HB589 include:

  • Establishes a new competitive marketplace for solar energy in North Carolina that will nearly double the amount of installed, large-scale solar energy over a four year period, delivering renewable energy at a significant cost savings to ratepayers.
  • Gives homeowners, businesses and communities new, more affordable options for placing solar panels on rooftops.
  • Requires Duke Energy to provide North Carolina’s universities and military bases with more clean energy options that meet their needs.

Audubon NC believes the 18-month wind energy moratorium added to the bill in the waning hours of last month’s legislative session is duplicative with existing state rules that already require wind energy projects to be appropriately sited to avoid negative impacts.  “A more balanced approach is needed and Audubon stands at the ready to work with state leadership and wind developers to secure our shared interests in economic development and conservation of natural resources,” says Hahn.

About Audubon North Carolina

With over a century of conservation history in North Carolina, Audubon strives to conserve and restore the habitats we share with all wildlife, focusing on the needs of birds. Audubon North Carolina achieves its mission through a blend of science-based research and conservation, education and outreach, and advocacy. Audubon North Carolina has offices in Corolla, Boone, Wilmington and Chapel Hill. Learn more at and @audubonnc.


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