Issues and Policy

Read Audubon NC’s stance on developing policies to see how the organization will use these issues to develop conservation efforts that benefit birds.

Many policies being developed today will have a significant impact on the preservation and protection of our birds in the future. As the voice of North Carolina’s birds, Audubon NC has identified the issues and policies that we believe will significantly impact bird populations, the habitats they rely on, and the renewable energy resources that can slow the pace of our rapidly changing climate. 

Federal and state policies addressing issues such as advancements in renewable energy technology, land management and habitat loss, and threats to our coastal region will shape how our organization will develop strategies to protect bird populations. 

Read Audubon NC’s stance on the following issues and see how we will use these policies to develop conservation efforts that benefit birds.


Coastal Threats  

Important Bird Areas 

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How you can help, right now