GWWA Update: Chicks & Doting Parents

The Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera), our team call them GWWAs for short, are one of 55 US continental bird species on the American Bird Conservancy and the National Audubon Society's red watch list for conservation concern.

Audubon North Carolina has been conducting research on basic demographics, genetics, productivity, and wintering distribution of these birds for years and this year we are working under a grant with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to evaluate various management practices. The North Carolina team consists of Curtis Smalling, Alex Bentz, Ed Burress and Ray Kessler. Learn more about the research efforts on the GWWA project page.

This spring, the NC team has been documenting the nests of the GWWA at the Amphibolites IBA in Watauga County, NC. These are progression photos of a nest and the parents bringing home the chick food of choice - juicy green inch-worms!

Gold Winged Warbler Eggs - Photo by Ed Burress

Recently hatched GWWA chicks - Photo by Ed Burress

Fledgling GWWA chicks - Photo by Ed Burress

Mother bird tending the nest - Photo by Ed Burress

Male bird bringing home a juice green inch-worm - Photo by Ed Burress

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