Viburnum nudum berries. Photo: Will Stuart.

Bird-Friendly Communities

Your Go-To Local Experts: Native Plant Retailers

Gardening with native plants doesn’t just benefit birds, it helps people too!

Our Bird-Friendly Native Plants program is all about local: by purchasing native plants from a local garden center or nursery, you’ll invest in your local economy and cultivate base of local knowledge about the best plants for birds in your area.

Our birds will thank you for shopping local – by bringing their vibrant colors and sweet melodies to your yard!

Why else are our local Bird-Friendly Native Plant retailers so essential to our bird-friendly communities?

Local nurseries can provide tailored recommendations to gardeners

Soil quality, temperature, sun and wetness conditions vary depending on where you live, and these factors should influence the plants you pick. Local nurseries will have first-hand knowledge of which perennials, grasses, ferns, flowers, trees and more will thrive in your area. They can help you pick out those plants that will benefit your region’s hyper-local birds, depending on what they like to eat (be it nectar, seeds, or berries)!

Nursery buyers will change their inventory to support demand

“I’ve had customers walk in to Cure Nursery with printed copies of the 400 native plant species spreadsheet and say— ‘I don’t care what it is, it has to be from this list!’” says Katie Davis of Cure Nursery in Pittsboro. “I always want to know what customers are excited about, because we will change our inventory based on that kind of response. I especially like to ask birders what plants they see a lot of critters on. I’ll even barter seeds!”

Garden store employees will learn more about native plants… if they are popular

You can literally change the way your community thinks by buying native plants from local retailers! That’s real power to make positive change. “We’ve built profiles around every single plant,” says Katie, “so we can answer questions before people get here and educate our customers and ourselves.”

Ready to buy local for birds? Get in touch with a knowledgeable staff member at one of our most enthusiastic nurseries to begin your quest:


Arden: BB Barns

Burnsville: Carolina Native Nursery

Cashiers: Chattooga Gardens

Old Fort: Painters Greenhouse

Weaverville: Reems Creek


Carrboro: Southern States

Chapel Hill: ​Piedmont Feed & Garden Center

Chapel Hill: Niche Gardens

Chapel Hill: North Carolina Botanical Garden

Durham: Durham Garden Center

Greensboro: Guilford Garden Center

High Point: Soviero's Tri-County Garden Center

Pittsboro: Cure Nursery

Raleigh (midtown and downtown Raleigh farmer’s markets): Field to Cottage Nursery

Waxhaw: Carolina Heritage Nursery

Winston-Salem: Frank's Perennial Border


You can also enter your zip code here to find the best native plants for your area!


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Bird-Friendly Communities

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