A Year of Action for Birds & Climate

Audubon Ambassadors Achieve Tremendous Results

Can you believe it has been one year since we launched the Audubon Ambassadors program? 170 trained Ambassadors have taken tens of thousands of actions to lead bird conservation and climate change action in North Carolina. Help us celebrate an outstanding first year!

By the numbers, Ambassadors logged:

  • 4,232 attendances at presentations highlighting birds & climate change
  • 3,283 conversations on bird conservation
  • 2,585 posts on social media
  • 1,059 bird-friendly trees and shrubs planted
  • 32 birds & climate change activities held at places of worship
  • 274 nest boxes installed
  • Thousands of action alerts, emails and phone calls to elected officials and decision-makers
Trained Ambassador Jill Palmer presenting at a Chimney Swift Celebration. Photo: Kim Brand

These actions taken will benefit climate-imperiled birds like the Wood Thrush, Golden-winged Warbler, Brown-headed Nuthatch and many more.

Our network of ambassadors will continue to grow with more events and outreach planned over the next year. Now is a great time to get involved.

How you can help, right now