Talking Turkey on Turkey Day

Along with baking pumpkin pie, catching up with your relatives, and maybe watching some football—there’s another to-do this holiday season: bring up birds and climate change!

Studies show that people are far more likely to get engaged on an issue like climate change if they deeply understand how it might affect the things they love and cherish. Talking about climate change can be one of the most important things you do to help save the birds we love.

We know it can be tough to talk to loved-ones about seemingly divisive issues, so our national climate team has created some conversation talking points for you. Check out this guide to talking about climate change over a plate full of turkey.

Want another way to “Talk Turkey” this month? We’ve got customizable e-cards for you to share! Click to send a card to someone special right now. Encourage them to learn more and get involved.

Give it a try, and let us know how it goes! We want to hear from you. Email our climate change team to tell us how your conversations went this Thanksgiving - Kim Brand at

In January, Audubon North Carolina will begin a two-year initiative to protect birds and their habitats from the damaging effects of climate change. Sign-up for our NC Action Alert network to stay informed as we implement plans to save the strongholds birds will need to survive and thrive. 

How you can help, right now