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Show Your Love for the Wood Thrush

Last year, you fell in love with the squeaky Brown-headed Nuthatch and put up nest boxes across North Carolina giving them a cozy home to nest and rest. Now it’s time to protect another of Audubon’s priority species.

Meet the Wood Thrush, our champion bird of 2015!

This beloved songbird is in trouble and needs your help. One of our most wide-spread migratory birds, Wood Thrush populations are declining from the effects of climate change, losing their preferred habitats, and finding it difficult to navigate through our urban areas during migration.

Now, you can help the climate-endangered Wood Thrush! Here are just a few ways to show your love for this priority bird.

Plant a Spicebush

Its berries are the ideal fuel for migrating Wood Thrushes, which fly up to 300 miles in one night during migration, burning body fat. Spicebush berries are the perfect fuel: 50% fat. Next time a Wood Thrush lands in your yard next fall, it will refuel and fly another night.

Drink Bird-Friendly Coffee

Drinking certified bird-friendly coffee supports shade-grown coffee farms in Central America, a preferred winter habitat for the Wood Thrush.

Turn Out Your Lights

When you turn out the exterior lights at your home, church or work this spring, you’ll help protect a Wood Thrush. This bird has a fatal attraction to lights especially during migration.

To learn more about Audubon North Carolina’s work to protect this priority species visit our website.

How you can help, right now