Important Bird Areas

See the Local and Global Impacts of our NC IBAs

Have you ever wondered how local bird conservation in North Carolina could benefit birds on a global scale?

Important Bird Areas are vital to bird conservation, serving as essential sites for a number of bird species during their migration, wintering and breeding cycles. From the mountains to the coast, 4.9 million acres of land have been designated as 96 IBAs to protect our birds and their habitat.

But it doesn’t stop there! Thirty of our own IBAs are also considered significant to bird conservation on a global level, protecting migrating birds as they nest or rest here. By creating connected habitats across our state and the rest of the world, Audubon NC is contributing to the protection of our birds locally as well as globally.

Check out this infographic featuring some of our most significant success stories to learn more about Audubon’s IBA program and the birds it protects. Then click here to find out how you can help protect the IBA program in North Carolina.



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