Important Bird Areas

Important Bird Areas Create Protection for Birds

Sadly, many of our bird populations are declining. As their natural habitats shrink due to deforestation and urbanization, there are fewer places for birds to breed, lay eggs, rest during migration, or have a safe place for the winter. Audubon North Carolina’s Important Bird Areas (IBA) are protecting the habitats that birds need to survive and thrive.

Our IBA program defines the most critical places in our state to protect birds and serves as our blueprint for conservation. Audubon has identified 96 IBAs in North Carolina that provide essential habitats from the coast to the mountains. Working hand in hand with Birdlife International, we created a network of connected habitats across state and international boundaries throughout the Western Hemisphere, collaborating to create a landscape of protection for many species of concern.

But there is a lot that people can do to help bird populations here in North Carolina and around the world. Watch this special video to learn more about our IBA program and the birds it protects. Then click here to find out how you can help support the IBA program in North Carolina.


How you can help, right now