How We Made an Impact in 2016

Wood Thrush Photo: Mary Parker Sonis

How We Made an Impact in 2016

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our scientists, volunteers, donors, and partners, Audubon North Carolina laid the groundwork for expontential growth in 2017.

Here are some of the remarkable results:

550 volunteers across the state donated 6,000 hours of their time to protect our birds. Audubon Climate Ambassadors worked together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help support more resilient bird populations, making real and lasting change – for birds, for ourselves, and for future generations. 

50 additional counties now support our Working Lands program: 130 private landowners in the Blue Ridge Mountains are now protecting birds like the Wood Thrush, Prothonotary Warbler, and Scarlet Tanager, and their ecosystems. These same forests will be turned into teaching sites that will model healthy bird forest habitats so that private landowners can mimic the forest techniques at home.

3000 birds were banded along the coast to advance scientific research on global species. Thanks to Audubon's coastal biologist Lindsay Addison and 70 Beach Bird Steward volunteers, 20 Audubon sanctuaries were protected. 

Your generous support made these outstanding accomplishments possible, and these are just the highlights! 

How can you get involved in 2017? Join us now and for the future as an Audubon Ambassador: attend trainings all over the state, plant native plants to support migrating birds, and join our beach stewards in protecting the areas along our coast that baby birds need to grow to healthy adults. 

Sign up to volunteer today, and spread the word of our success by sharing the report below.

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