Working Lands

GWWA Workshop Presentations

Click on the link to download the PowerPoint presentation.

  1. BuehlerUT - Golden-winged Warbler Ecology and Status, Dr. David Buehler (UT)
  2. SmallingANC - GWWA Appalachian Population Monitoring Efforts and Goals, Curtis Smalling (ANC)
  3. KittsNRCS -  Stewardship Options for Private Landowners, Charles Kitts/Timothy Garrett (NRCS)
  4. TuckerNRCS - Utilizing NRCS Assistance to Implement GWWA Management, David Tucker (NRCS)
  5. JonesNCFS - Incorporating Best Management Practices in Forest Planning on Public Lands , Caleb Jones (NCFS)
  6. ThomasNCWRC - Wildlife Conservation Land Program in North Carolina, Stephen Thomas (NCWRC)
  7. SampleCapGWWPlan -  Sample Conservation Activity Plan

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