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Find a Nest for Carl and Caroline!

Carl the Cardinal is packing his little bag to start traveling our state again in December, but this year he’s bringing someone new! Carl has found a new mate, Caroline, and they are on the hunt for the perfect place to nest and raise their chicks!

Tell us why Carl and Caroline should pick your hometown and you could win a prize! Create a video or a photo with a short essay telling us why your hometown is tops for birds. Make it funny or make it sincere, but just make it quick because we need entries by November 30!

If you think Carl and Caroline should build a nest in your hometown, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a video or photo, along with a short essay, inviting Carl and Caroline to nest in your town.
  2. Email the video or photo to dawn@bcdcideas.com by November 30.
  3. Starting December 3, members of the Audubon NC Facebook page can begin voting by liking invites for their favorite city- Carl and Caroline’s future home! You are welcome to “campaign” for your hometown, just keep it clean and fun!
  4. The video/photo with the most Facebook ‘likes’ will receive a plushy pair of singing Cardinals and bragging rights. They’ll be able to hang out with Carl and Caroline forever!

This will be Carl’s third year traveling across North Carolina. Carl the Cardinal is traveling our state once again to ask new folks to join the Cardinal Club flock by making a monthly contribution to help Audubon North Carolina.


Can a town submit multiple invitations?

Yes. Votes from multiple invitations from the same town will be tallied together.

How can I follow Carl’s journey?

Check the Audubon NC blog to keep up with Carl as he travels across North Carolina.

Who can get involved?

Anyone! You can make an invite by yourself or you can invite others. You could even consider asking your mayor.

How can I help Carl and other birds in North Carolina?

Join the Cardinal Club, our monthly giving program, and put your contribution to work for birds every day of the year. Your tax-deductible monthly gift will support all of Audubon's programs in North Carolina.

Monthly giving is simple. Your credit card will be charged once per month. Each January we will send you a tax receipt -- and a big thank you -- for your giving over the previous year. You may change or cancel your gift, or skip a month whenever you like.

To sign up, just complete this form. Remember to select North Carolina from the drop down menu to put your dollars to work in our state. Thank you for your sustaining gift in support of our mission to protect birds and the habitats that support them.

Helpful links:

  • Follow all the fun on Facebook and Twitter
  • Ask local officials to get involved. Send this letter to your favorite city official!

Dear [Mayor of my hometown],

We are contacting you because your city has a Bird Sanctuary ordinance, and we know that your citizens love birds. Here’s a way for them to show their city pride!

For the past 2 years, Audubon North Carolina has held a December fundraiser called “Carl the Cardinal”. This adorable stuffed toy bird has traveled our beautiful state meeting new people and finding new members for our monthly giving program.

In 2014, Carl is settling down with his “mate” Caroline and they are looking for a place to build their forever nest. Bird-lovers across the state will be making photos or videos inviting Carl to settle down in their cities. Invitations for the city that receives the most ‘likes’ on the Audubon NC page will be the forever home for Carl and Caroline!

We would love to see you, and your citizens, involved with the effort. We want to see your video or photo with a short essay inviting Carl and Caroline Cardinal to nest in your hometown.

Our very active 7,000+ Facebook followers are always looking for new places to visit in North Carolina, and they’d love to hear what your city has to offer!!

Please contact Dawn Crawford at dawn@bcdcideas.com if you have any further questions about our project. We look forward to seeing you represent your city!


[Your Name]

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