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Final Flight for Carl & Caroline

The month of December has wrapped up, and so has Carl and Caroline’s trip!

Flying across the state has given Carl and Caroline strong wings, but even an even stronger bond.

From the Donal C. O’Brien, Jr. Sanctuary on the coast to Jordan Lake of the piedmont to Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina, our feathered friends have traveled the state to meet bird lovers and raise awareness about Audubon NC’s monthly giving program, the Cardinal Club. Along the way, they’ve made new friends (including you!) and learned about all the ways Audubon NC has nurtured the birds of the state in the past year.

This is Carl’s third, and last, year making the trip. He decided to stop his wandering ways to settle down and raise babies with his soul mate, Caroline. Based on your votes on the Audubon NC Facebook page, Cary has been chosen as the forever home of Carl and Caroline!

Even though Carl is retiring from his job as the Cardinal Club mascot, he wants you to know that your support and donations mean the world to him, as well as his other beaked buddies.

With a safe and comfortable environment, future generations of North Carolinians will be able to enjoy the sight of the peculiar, long-beaked American Oystercatcher on a beach or hear the ethereal song of a Wood Thrush in the summer.

As Carl has discovered from his travels, Audubon NC helps ensure a healthy future for the state’s birds. It supports Important Bird Areas, organizes programs like bird-friendly communities and engages people through citizen science, like the Great Backyard Bird Count.

To top it off, Audubon NC’s own scientists, conservationists and staff work tirelessly to promote the well-being of birds that call North Carolina home. Carl’s favorite project was the Wood Thrush migration tracking, where small backpacks with GPS units were attached to Wood Thushes to collect data about this at-risk songbird.

Carl has seen the positive impact Audubon NC makes in his life thanks to your ongoing support.

Holiday shopping for Carl and his friends is easy! Simply donate by filling out this form for the Cardinal Club. Every month, your chosen donation amount will be deducted from your credit or debit account and go straight to meaningful efforts to protect our state’s most beautiful wild friends.

This holiday season, give the birds of North Carolina the gift of a healthy forever home!

Hope your holidays were merry and bight. Have a happy new year!

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