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Audubon Signs Designate Specialized Habitat

Landowners See Continued Success from Restoration Guidance

The Golden-winged Warbler has suffered one of the steepest population declines of any songbird species in the past 45 years and is currently being considered for listing as an endangered species. Audubon North Carolina staff are working directly with private landowners in western NC where the Golden-winged Warbler returns each spring to breed in young (early successional) forests to help bring back this gem of the forest.

Paul Merten, a participant in the program, has been employing a multiple-use management strategy for wildlife – principally non-game songbirds - for years. “With the technical guidance of Audubon’s Aimee Tomcho, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Biologist Patrick Farrell, and my woodland management implementation; significant improvements have been incorporated to create optimal nesting habitat for the Golden-winged Warbler” says Paul.

“Many thanks to these folks for helping those that are voiceless, and now let’s hope we make life a little easier for some of our feathered friends!”

Aimee Tomcho and Paul Merten.

Golden-winged Warblers have already been spotted near Merten’s property, showing that the habitat supports the birds and is therefore a great candidate for restoration of early successional forest that will help the warbler during breeding.  

Through our Putting Working Lands to Work for Birds and People program, Audubon North Carolina is engaging private landowners in focal areas in the western region to manage their land for the Golden-winged Warbler and other forest bird species while maintaining the long-term future uses.

Landowners who qualify receive special signs that signify their efforts to manage their land for forest birds including the Golden-winged Warbler.

Click here to learn more about Golden-winged Warblers and our work to restore habitats where they nest through the Putting Working Lands to Work initiative. 

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