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Annual Meeting a Great Time to Connect

We asked our team at Audubon North Carolina to share some of the things they are looking forward to at the 2013 Annual Meeting. You can still join us for this great event. It's just $75 to attend the 3-day event in Raleigh, May 31 - June 2. Register and get all the details here. Today, our Director of Land Bird Conservation Curtis Smalling shares some of the value of this annual gathering of bird lovers!

Curtis Smalling

As the Director of Land Bird Conservation for Audubon North Carolina, I am constantly amazed at the passion and drive of Audubon members, chapters, and our partners for the hard work of conserving birds.  The Annual Meeting is a great time to remind ourselves of the great work that we do, get inspired by what others are doing, and have time to spend with dear old friends and make new ones - all with birds binding us together!

I always look forward to the Annual Meeting field trips as we get to see the local hot spots, local hot birds, and spend time in the field with knowledgeable folks who often have that amazing local information on when , where, and how best to see those specialties.

But the best part of the whole weekend are the conversations, storytelling, and information sharing that only happens face-to-face.  How a chapter did that great project, how a member can volunteer with staff to see some really cool birds and do some field work at the same time, and how we can all share our special knowledge about a wide variety of topics and even challenges is one of the best outcomes of the meeting.

So when you join us at the Annual Meeting, come prepared to see some great birds, meet some great new friends, and reconnect with your fellow Auduboners.  It is always a great time, and I even hear rumors that it is actually spring down there in Raleigh!

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