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8 Fast and Furious Spring Bird Arrivals to Watch for in April

The start of April means scores of spring birds are en route to North Carolina. Read on for eight arrivals to watch for this month.

It’s that time of year again, when migratory birds arrive en masse after spending the winter in Central and South America. While a few early birds have already touched down in North Carolina, April is when a vast number of migratory species begin to turn up around the state.

Here are eight birds to watch for this month in North Carolina:

Wood Thrush – early April

Yellow-billed Cuckoo – mid-April

Chuck-will’s-widow – mid-April

Spotted Sandpiper – early April

Worm-eating Warbler – mid-April

American Redstart – mid-April

Summer Tanager – mid-April

Indigo Bunting – mid-April

For more information on which species to be watching for throughout April, check out eBird’s bar chart function for North Carolina here. The webpage shows when you can expect specific species to arrive, based on historical data.

If you’re looking for some company as you venture out in search of birds arriving this month, check your nearest Audubon chapter’s website to find a free bird walk near you here

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