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7 Early Birds to Kick Off Spring Migration

Ready for some spring birds to return? Read on for seven birds to seek this month in North Carolina.

Keep an eye out for these seven species, arriving in North Carolina from their winter homes in Central or South America sometime in March. Actual arrival times will vary depending on location and, of course, luck. 

Here’s when to start watching for these early birds:

Purple Martin – early March

Louisiana Waterthrush – mid March 

Barn Swallow – mid-March

Chimney Swift – late March

Least Tern – late March   

Broad-winged Hawk – late March

Ruby-throated Hummingbird – late March

Curious when you might see your “FOY” – first of year – bird for other species? Check out eBird’s bar chart for North Carolina here

Audubon chapters throughout the state offer free bird walks throughout the year; check your nearest Audubon chapter’s website to find a bird walk near you here.

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