Why Birds Matter

Using Birds to Share Information Related to Climate Change

Birds matter. As harbingers of the health of our ecosystems; as the only wildlife you can see every single day; as an expression of the incredible biodiversity of our planet; as inspiration for art and poetry; as pollinators and as seed spreaders – in so many countless ways, birds do matter.

Our connection to birds

People connect to people. People who care about birds and climate change can connect other people and inspire them to care too. Sharing why birds matter to you is just as important to their survival as spreading the science of Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report.

You may be surprised that people do not know how many birds need North Carolina habitats – more than 400 species; or how many acres are encompassed by our Important Bird Area program – 4.9 million acres; or how easy it is to help them thrive where you live – put up a nest box for nuthatches or plant a bird friendly native plant; or that many birds make their nests on or near the ground rather than in a tree – Piping Plovers and Golden-winged Warblers.

They won’t know until you tell them.

We hope that you will find inspiration in the reasons why birds matter, articulated by North Carolina citizens speaking. We hope that you will find courage to speak to others about why birds matter to you. We know this will make a tremendous difference in people’s awareness and understanding of birds and why they do indeed matter.

How you can help, right now