A Summer of Climate and Policy Engagement

Meet Our 2016 Intern: Maddi Denton

This summer, the Audubon North Carolina team welcomes Maddi Denton to support our Climate and Policy work across the state. 

Maddi is a Senior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This summer, as our climate change policy intern, Maddi will work to support Audubon’s work in the clean energy sector to further the mission of addressing the threats of climate change on NC birds.

What are you most excited about taking away from your Audubon internship?

Audubon does such a wonderful job of communicating science and maintaining connections with their network, and I hope to hone that ability when I finish my internship this summer.

What has been your favorite experience so far?

I really enjoyed our trip to Wilmington! It was incredible to get out in the field with Lindsay and see how the world around us is changing and what we’re doing to fight that and protect the birds that call our coast “home”.

What do you hope others learn about the work Audubon does in NC?

With the new strategic plan and direction for this organization, Audubon has become so dynamic by encompassing caring for birds across their lifespan, no matter where they may travel in that time. I hope others learn about all the new work that Audubon is doing and know that there is some way for everyone to be involved!

Have you picked out a favorite bird?

Yes, the Piping Plover!

Please help us welcome Maddi! Maddi’s internship is supported by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Click here to learn more about our climate work in North Carolina. To stay up to date on policy issues where your voice can make a difference for NC birds, sign up for Audubon’s Action Alert Network.  

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