Working Lands

Golden-winged Wonders

Cynthia and “Andy,” a second-year male Golden-winged Warbler. Photo by Shelley Rutkin.

Wow! What a great blog post from Shelley Rutkin on her blog "Birding for Life." Join her and Cynthia Donaldson on a day hike with Golden-winged Warblers near Boone, North Carolina, in May.

The vista from the Audubon NC research site at 4000’ is breathtaking!  The air is clear and clean.  Pale purple hills below roll to the horizon a hundred miles away.  The cool, crisp breeze carries the spring songs of the resident birds as well as the newly arrived migrants.  Shelley and I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful place and observing the intrepid researchers who give their time and talents to a steadily declining jewel of the eastern forest: the Golden-winged Warbler.


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