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The Birding Wire: Memorial Day Beachgoers Reminded to Share the Beach

The article originally appeared on The Birding Wire

Chapel Hill - Memorial Day is here and many are flocking to the coast for a day at the beach. Audubon NC reminds beachgoers to share the beach with nesting and migrating birds during the holiday weekend. 

"The early summer months are a popular time for beachgoers to enjoy the coast, but it's also a crucial time for beach nesting birds like the American Oystercatcher and Black Skimmer," saysHeather Hahn, Audubon North Carolina Executive Director. "By giving birds the space they need to nest and raise chicks this summer, everyone can do their part to ensure the next generation of shorebirds thrive."

Audubon North Carolina has created simple tips everyone can use to share the beach with birds and avoid disrupting them while they nest and raise their chicks. 

Audubon's Tips to Share the Beach

  • Watch for protected areas and signs. 
  • Avoid disturbing groups of birds that are nesting or feeding. 
  • Keep your dog on a leash and away from the birds. 
  • Pick up trash or fishing line on the beach. Take your trash with you and place in an appropriate trash container.

May is Audubon's National Get Outside month. Audubon's Beach Bird Stewards will be stationed at the South end of Wrightsville Beach helping beachgoers observe nesting shorebirds and understand the importance of sharing the beach. Watch this short video to learn more about the volunteer program. 

For more information on Audubon North Carolina's Share the Beach initiative, visit our website. - See more at:

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