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Big Yellow Mountain
Curtis Smalling

Big Yellow Mountain

Featuring photos and videos of birds and other wildlife from around North Carolina, the Audubon NC blog - - offers news dispatches from the front lines of bird conservation. Naturalists and biologists from the mountains to the coast contribute to the site with reports from the field, news about policy issues and key information about the state's 96 Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

"Our goal is to make the blog a vital resource for birders, nature-lovers and the media," said Curtis Smalling, Director of Land Bird Conservation. "The blog is a real team effort, and we think it's becoming a go-to source for information about how we're working with volunteers, local chapters and partner groups to research and protect North Carolina's diverse birdlife."

The IBA section of the site features virtual tours of IBAs in the state, including interactive maps, photos and detailed site information.

Volunteer Kyle Smalling, a recent graduate of NC State University, generously donated his time and expertise in designing the website.

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