Climate Action Plans

Complete your plan today and make a difference for North Carolina's birds.

Taking action on climate change may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Audubon North Carolina has created easy-to-achieve Climate Action Plans just for you. A Climate Action Plan is a complete guide to climate solutions you can tackle on your own or with a group.

Your plan will record all of your current actions that have a positive impact while showing new steps you can add to what you're already doing. Your plan will tally up the results of all your hard work and show how you're creating a brighter future for our birds and our selves.

You will quickly see how small actions really do add up to a huge impact. Plans can even be printed out so you can add to your plan later. Start today with your own Climate Action Plan!

Click to find a Climate Action Plan to get started:

How you can help, right now