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Logger and its installed orientation next to the replica eggs for each species. The logger axes and egg axes are labeled for each egg. Axis label at the intersection indicates the axis extending in the third dimension to complete a right handed coordinate system.

Teddy Llovet
Photograph by TJ Gehling/Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by Vicki Miller

Nuttall's Woodpecker     Click on image to enlarge

Photo by Barbara Bridges

Western Bluebird    Click on image to enlarge

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White-throated Sparrow    Click on image to enlarge

Photo by Peter Pyle

Pacific Golden Plover     Click on image to enlarge

Photograph by Andy Rouse/2020VISION/Nature Picture Library/Corbis

A white-throated dipper samples the fare at its local river. By supplementing its diet with aquatic invertebrates, which can be loaded with chemicals, it may be harming itself and its future offspring. 

Least bittern, by Hank Halsey

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