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American Oystercatcher Tracking Project Pairs Advanced Technology, Social Media and Research to Further Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Published: Sep 13, 2013
The American Oystercatcher Tracking Project is underway! Learn more about this exciting researc...
Courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Sherrie York

Atlantic Puffin

Photograph by Derrick Z. Jackson
Illustration by Noah Woods
Map Powered by esri
Photograph by Walker Golder
Photograph by National Geographic Society and Kai Schreiber/Flickr Creative Commons

Huge flocks of migrating birds as they appear on an airport's radar screen. In New York City an estimated 10,000 night-flying birds were disoriented by twin columns of light projected as a 9/11 memorial. The phenomenon was thought to be a confluence of the city's location in a migration corridor, meteorological conditions, and the phase of the moon. 

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Bird's movements appear like storms on weather radar.

Photograph by Frans Lanting

Most birds migrate at night. In this composite photo, a flock of sandpipers flies close to the horizon against a full moon. Dispersed songbirds wing by high in the sky, just random blips against the stars. Now researchers can hear them as they travel.

Photograph by Kathy Vespaziani
Map by Peter and Maria Hoey
Map by Peter and Maria Hoey
Photograph by John Huba

Puffins launch themselves into flight from rocky cliffs along the coast. Their takeoffs and landings look awkward, but the birds are expert swimmers and divers, using their wings to propel them deep underwater, where they catch fish in the frigid depths.

Photograph by John Huba

Ornithologist Steve Kress. Kress discovered that decoys, like this one, were key to luring Atlantic puffins, extremely social birds, back to their historic breeding grounds on rocky islands off of the coast of Maine.

Humming Birds

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Video of humming bird

Karen Laubenstein, US Fish & Wildlife Service
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